Neil deGrasse Tyson on Joe Rogan’s Podcast

Quick post as it turns out Neil deGrasse Tyson was on The Joe Rogan Podcast Experience yesterday, I’m 40 minutes into it as of writing this and I’m loving it. It does contain salty language at times and there may be parts past the 40m mark that are NSFW. Just a heads up, but absolutely worth a listen/watch. Its a podcast but they offer a video element! Have a great day and let me know what you think in the comments!

We will have our regular Learn One New Thing, post later on today.


Edit: Cant find a good short video for today, so the Joe Rogan one is it.  Plus I’m super tired : p  See you guys tomorrow!


We stopped dreaming

Today’s post is from Neil deGrasse Tyson a well known American astrophysics talking about how important NASA is and will be in the future. Most people don’t know this but NASA is severely under funded yet is the launching pad (puns suck sorry) for most of our new technology. So today is more about a general awareness than learning a fact today but I feel its extremely important.

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Khan Academy on DNA

Today’s video is via the Khan Academy ( ) a seriously great place to learn a ton of stuff. We are taking a deeper look at DNA. Though we might have an idea of what it is this video looks into why and how it maps who we are. Its a tad on the long side, coming in under 30m but its far from boring so don’t worry. Follow us on twitter and leave comments.

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Something totally different

Something totally different today. I was thinking that always doing pure education type videos may become boring after a while. So today I bring you a video i saw sometime last year and ever since my monthly steak allowance has skyrocketed. Gordon Ramsay teaches you in less than 2 and a half minutes how to cook what I would consider “the perfect steak.”

I think the only thing is he mentions “ground nut oil” which i found to be basically peanut oil, burns at a very high temperature so you’re house wont fill with smoke like it would if you were using olive oil. Let me know if you try this out in comments. Follow us on twitter the link is on the right side of the page. Have a great day

Welcome to 2013

Here’s to a great year guys.  Heres a quick fun video for the first day of the year.

I might have to rename this blog learn one thing from michio kaku a day.  Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!  Happy New Year!!!

Surviving urban disasters

We don’t get many views here yet, I’m not going to lie so when world events happen such as Hurricane Sandy I feel we kind of have to ride the information surge. So today we are sticking with the whole hurricane, disaster, flood theme and posting a video that just may save your life. You may know Les Stroud from his show “Survivor Man” on Discovery Channel. He usually is stranded in a remote area of the world without much more than a knife and he challenges himself to survive a week there off the wilderness. The whole time he is also filming himself so we can all learn. Well today’s video is him teaching you how to survive a disaster in your area. Although this information isn’t academic it might just save your life in the future. If you’re on the east coast best of luck to you and your families. Share this blog with friends and follow us on twitter please @1newthingaday

This is only part 1/5 the rest of the parts are on the right hand side of the youtube page.